MLB:CLE (クリーブランド・インディアンス / 克里夫蘭印地安人 / 클리블랜드 인디언스). Unofficial. Clips from 2010-2014.

This is not a series of “fails” designed to invoke laughter at those far more successful than I’ll ever be; it’s a celebration of the peculiarities of the greatest game ever invented. The videos are organized by team: please don’t consider this a jab at the Tribe any more than a TV blooper real is at its respective sitcom. Relax!

These satirical mashups are not monetized. If you like what you see, please consider a donation to RBI (“Reviving Baseball in Inner cities”). Original video footage created by MLB; song listings are as follows:

00:00 Frank Yankovic – Yankovic’s Polka
03:30 The Pretenders – My City was Gone


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